Products for families,
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Relieve your shoulder pain
In one second
Carry in 4 different positions
Small frame, Big support.
Our state-of-the-art compact hip-seat carrier
helps you carry for longer!
We got your back!
With common hip seat carriers parents feel the
baby's weight concentrated on the lower belly and
back. This pressure causes aches and
pains making everyday work feel like a full days work.
Pain Relief Technology
With robust mechanism, Convertible Hip-Seat,
you can quickly toggle the center of gravity
from shoulder to back with just a simple click.
Ergonomic Design
The design is deeply involved in Functionality to reinforce the user experience.
The detachable head pillow supports the baby`s head softly and gives enormous comfort for sleeping.
“Iconic Sliding Pillow”
Supporting baby’s head softly
and giving enormous comfort for sleeping
The sliding pillow not only adds protection for your baby,
it adjusts easily to support the baby’s head and neck in all positions.
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“Easy fit strap”
Easy to adjust
from the front
Ultra-easy size adjustment for wearers’ maximum comfort.
Adjust the size according to the parents’ arms movement.
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“M-position support”
When facing a baby,
M-position supports the baby’s thighs
When baby is facing front, it naturally supports baby’s legs ergonomically.
International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested and acknowledged that Bebefit is designed not to cause any harms to baby’s hip joint.
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“Instant comfort within one second.”
Smart Pain Free
Center of gravity method provides good support for parent’s back and shoulders by evenly distributing the baby’s weight.
Your back pain is relieved by closing the hip seat.
Your shoulders pain is relieved by opening the hip seat.
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Top Tier Fabrics
Free from harmful materials, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.
Certified by OEKO-TEX and Bluesign.
Awards and recognitions
Certification history