Products for families,
made with love in mind.

Safe and healthy features
for safe and healthy futures.
Safe and healthy features
for safe and healthy futures.
Safe and healthy features
for safe and healthy futures.
No more sniff test
MONIT detects pee and poo separately and provides real-time notifications to parents,
so they know the optimal time for changing a diaper.
When they go,
you know!
Diaper rash is one of the most common irritations and
infections that babies experience and often, it can lead to
urinary tract infections or even blood poisoning.
We keep it simple for you
High level of accuracy through pattern-learning algorithms

5 sensing technology

Smart baby monitor MONIT
  • Diaper Sensing
  • Air quality monitor
  • Real-time updates
  • Night Light
Worry Less
with Monit
Monit provides real-time information on your baby's diaper,
reducing unnecessary time and energy spent in habitually checking your baby's diaper.
This convenient solution can help protect your baby from diaper dashes and urinary tract infections.
Know the Air
your Baby is Breathing
Monit monitors the air surrounding your baby.
It alerts you when it detects changes in temperature, humidity, VOC gas levels that are harmful for your baby.
You can protect your baby from skin conditions like Atopic dermatitis.
Always be connected
with your baby
By using Wifi and cloud services, parents can receive real-time information
about the baby’s diaper and surrounding air quality, anytime, anywhere.
Up to five caregivers can simultaneously receive and access Monit’s real-time information.
Nursing Night Light
The warm gentle light helps your baby fall asleep.
You can adjust brightness and to create the desired environment.
Our products are designed with every intention of making
parenting as seamless a journey as possible.
  • Diaper Sensor

  • Air quality monitoring hub

  • Smartphone(Galaxy S8)

Diaper Sensor
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Battery
  • Input
  • Charging
  • Temperature
  • Communication
  • Platform
  • Age
  • D 40.6 x 10.3 (mm)
  • 12g
  • Li-Poly DC 3.7V 170mAh
  • DC 5V 150mA (Micro USB)
  • 3 hours
  • 0~45 ℃
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Above Android5.0 & ios 9.0
  • 0~3 years
Air quality monitoring hub
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Battery
  • Input
  • Temperature
  • Color temperature
  • Communication
  • Platform
  • Age
  • D 93 x 100.4 (mm)
  • 181g
  • 7.5 W
  • DC 5V 1.5A (Micro USB)
  • -10~55 ℃
  • 3000K
  • Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless lan (802.11b/g/n)
  • Above Android5.0 & ios 9.0
  • 0~3 years